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Theses Supervised

Ph.D Thesis

  1. Hamed TaghvaeiYazdli, Evaluation of creep and shrinkage in the alkali-activated slag concrete2018.
  2. Mohammad Saedi, The investigation of the nanomaterials in the alkali-activated slag cement for oil and gas wells, 2019.
  3. Abdollhossein Paknejadi, Experimental Study of SCC beam-column joint with Headed Bars Subjected to Cyclic Loading, 2019
  4. Alireza Mansouri, Investigation the effect of aggressive environments on the mechanical properties of engineered cementitious composites, 2019.

      5. Reza Soltababadi, Evaluating the behavior of reinforced concrete deep beams                           containing recycled concrete aggregate and recycled asphalt pavement aggregate, 2022


M.Sc. Thesis

1- Mehdi Torabi, Long-term behavior of composite members,1998.

2- Arash Tasbihi, Dynamic behavior of tall frames with irregularity in height, 1999.

3- S. Mahdi Sayyedin, Study of flexural connections in composite structures, 2000.

4-Saeid Karimi, Study of composite columns, 2000.

5-Bahram Ghafourian, Study of the behavior of CFT columns, 2001.

6-Mahdi Khanloo, Study of deep beams with web openings, 2001.

7-Amin Kamranim, The evaluation of creep and shrinkage in reinforced concrete, 2002.

8-Shahin Azarmi, The study of composite shear walls behavior, 2002.

9-Farjam Mehrad, Behavior of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with FRP plates, 2002.

10-Reza Rizebandi, Evaluate the seismic lateral deformation in multistory buildings with mass irregularity, 2002.

11-Homayun Nami, Study the effect of the vertical component of the earthquake on building with mass irregularity in height, 2002.

12-Reza Jamshidi, The seismic behavior of building with flexible floor and vertical irregularity, 2002.

13- Alireza Shabanian, Long-term behavior of composite frames, 2003.

14- Mojtaba Dehghani, The study of staggered truss system behavior, 2003.

15- Mohammad Mehrparvar, Study of settlement effects on the concrete cooling tower, 2004.

16- Ershad Mahmudabadi, Study of stiffener-rings on concrete cooling tower behavior, 2004.

17- Ali Mosharaf, Assessment of environmental factors affecting bonding strength of concrete repair with a cement base, 2004.

18- Hani Jan-nesari, Assessment of factors affecting bond strength of polymer modified concrete, 2004.

19- Siamak Ahmadi, Application of high performance in the design of concrete bridge structures, 2004.

20- Ali Kloushani, Study of FRP strengthened beam, 2005.

21- Armen Hambarchian, Determination of dynamic characteristic of structures using capacity spectrum method, 2005.

22- Hamidreza Samadani, Analysis and optimum design of foundations considering the interaction between soil, foundation and super-structure, 2006,

23- Alireza Hasheminejad, Shear strengthening of RC deep beams using externally bonded FRP plates, 2006.

24- Alireza Kohrangi, Nonlinear seismic analysis of unsymmetrical structures, 2006.

25- Akbar Hasanzade, Study of factors affecting bridge performance, 2006.

26- Mohammad Salehi, Study the behavior of curved bridges subjected to the dynamic loading of vehicles, 2007.

27- Amir Zahabian-poor, Application of FRP in torsional strengthening of concrete beams, 2007.

28- Mahdi Hadi, Defecation of equivalent statics & spectrum analysis methods for asymmetric steel structures using adaptive pushover analysis, 2008.

29- Arman Ahangar, Design of  international airport of Esfahan, 2009.

30- Hamid Hosaynian-poor, Flexural strengthening of prestressed concrete members by the use of externally bonded FRP plates, 2010.

31- Mohammad Bagher Bokaei, Factors affecting strength and durability of sulfur concrete, 2010.

32- Alireza Sayyah, Strengthening effect of FRP sheets on reinforced concrete shear walls with openings, 2011

33- Mohsen Hasan-zade, Study the behavior of concrete containing crumb and ground waste rubber, 2011.

34-Masih Mohammadi, Bond strength of metakaolin repair concrete, 2011.

35- Ali Soltani, Seismic damage criterion based on the design of shear walls, 2011.

36- Mohammad-Reza Dehkordi, the Effect of Irregular Openings on Dynamic Behavior of Concrete Shear Walls, 2011.

37- Hassan Zibasokhan, Behaviour Evaluation of Steel Beam and Concrete Column Composite Connections, 2011.

38- Omid Farshadfar, The Effect of Pozzolans on Durability of SCC in Sulfate Environment, 2011.

39- Seyyed Ahmadreza Hosseinzade Hejazi, Experimental Study of Durability of Pervious Concrete, 2011.

40- Reza Jamei-poor, Seismic evaluation of mass-irregular concrete frames by modal pushover analysis, 2012.

41- Hamid Ehsan-poor, Dynamic behavior of braced cold-formed lightweight steel frames (LSF), 2012.

42- Niloofar Salemi, An Experimental Study on the Effect of Nanoparticles on Freeze and Thaw Resistance of Concrete Pavements, 2012.

43- Mohammadali Asgari Renani, An Experimental Study on the Effect of Pozzolans on Durability of Conventional and Fiber Reinforced SCC in Frost Exposure, 2012.

44- Amir Hossein Fakhimi, Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Mass-Irregular Steel Frames by Fragility Functions, 2012.

45- Amir Behravan, An Experimental Study on Application of HPP FRP in Concrete Lining of Water Pressure Tunnels, 2012.

46- Maysam Tavakolian, Application of Nano-silica on Concrete Durability in Hydraulic Structures, 2012.

47- Mohsen Azad, Fragility functions in assessing damage to setback steel frames, 2012.

48- Reza Mohebi, A Study on application of Alkali-activated Slag Concrete in Hydraulic Structures, 2013.

49- Habib Pashaei, Optimization of SCLC Mix Design Using DOE Statistical Method, 2014.

50- Mohammad Shojaei, A Study on application of Alkali-activated slag concrete in railway sleepers, 2014.

51- Ali Ziaei, Study of the effective parameters on compressive strength of geopolymer concrete, 2014.

52- Amin Ziaei, Mix design optimization of self-compacting lightweight concrete using Taguchi design of experiment method, 2014.

53- Amin-Hossayn Sharghi, Investigation of the effect of glass powder and glass dust on the performance of self-compacting concrete, 2014.

54- Younes Khanverdi, Study on the effect of pozzolans on physical and mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete at elevated temperature, 2014.

55- Mohammad Niknam, Durability Study of Geo-Concrete against Freeze and Thaw Cycles, 2015.

56- Mohsen Bastani, Mechanical characteristics of Roller Compacted Geo-Concrete, 2015.

57- Ahmadreza Shirneshan, Seismic behavior of FRP Retrofitted Concrete Shear Wall with Openings, 2015.

58- Behnami Behzad, A Study on Application of Pozzolanic AAS Concrete in Hydraulic Structures, 2015.

59- Mohammad Khosravi Moshizi, A Study on the Effect of Pozzolan and Fiber on Durability of AAS Concrete against Freeze and Thaw Cycles, 2015.

60- Mohsen Bastani, Roller Compacted Alkali Activated Concrete Pavement, 2015.

61- Samira Akbari, Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Pozzolans on Durability of Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete in Hydraulic Structures, 2015.

62- Mohammad Niknam, Experimental Study of Frost Resistance of Lightweight SCC, 2015.

63- Alireza Kolahdoozi, FRP Numerical Study of Prestressed-CFRP Strengthened Beam, +-2015.

64- Mohammadian, M., Dynamic behavior of shear walls with composite steel-concrete boundary elements, 2015.

65- Sharifian, K., Study the behavior of concrete columns with GFRP longitudinal reinforcement, 2015.

66- Majid Rostami Gallehdar, A study On Effective Parameters on AAS Concrete Permeability, 2016.

67- Mohammad Taymuri Mugouei, Durability of AAS Concrete in Acidic Environment, 2016.

68- Masoud Imanaian, Study the permeability of Self Consolidated Concrete, 2016.

69- Mohammad Bagheri Khalili khasraghi, Experimental study and analytical modeling of             drying shrinkage of alkali-activated slag concrete, 2017.

70- Fatemeh Shahrajabian, The effect of nano-particles on freeze and thaw resistance of                 alkali-activated slag concrete, 2017.

71- Reza Naseri, Numerical Study of Composite Shear Wall, 2017.

72- Mohammad Ramazani, Fluid-Structure interaction in siphon spillways due to different flow regimes, 2017.

73- Hamid-Reza Jamali, Numerical study on Behavior of Brace in composite steel-concrete joint, 2017

74- Mohammad Shahbaz, Thermal Resistance of Alkali Activated Concrete, 2017.

75- Reza Davari, Numerical Study of inclined strip foundations, 2017.

76- Arash Sedaghatdoost, Investigation of mechanical and thermal properties of mortar containing multiwall carbon nanotubes, 2017.

77- Shirin Maleki, The effect of mix components on mechanical properties and durability against engineered cementitious composites' freeze and thaw cycles, 2018.

78- Hosein Emamjome, Investigation of the durability of engineered cementitious composites containing zeolite and microsilica in magnesium sulfate environment, 2018.

79- Mohammad Almohammad-Albakkar, The Effect of Micro and Nano-Silica on Drying Shrinkage of SCC, 2018.

80- Amjad Alhamoud, Study of Drying Shrinkage in Fiber Reinforced Concrete, 2018.

81- Pooya Tehrani, Numerical study of Application of High-Performance Composite Cement in Concrete Shear Walls, 2019.

82- Hadi Kennedy, Parameters affecting the permeability of one-part alkali-activated slag concrete, 2019.

83- Afshin Besharat, Performance of Fiber Reinforced One-Part Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete in Aggressive Environment, 2019.

84- Allahverdi Bahrami, Investigation the Mechanical Behavior of Strain-Hardening One-Part Fiber Reinforced Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete, 2019.

85- Ali Bagheri, Numerical study of Behavior of HPFRCC Slab-Column Connection., 2019.

86- Razieh Kadkhodaei, Experimental study and Analytical modeling of drying shrinkage of One-Part lightweight alkali-activated slag concrete, 2020.

87- Marjan Shahidi, Investigation of mechanical properties and durability of lightweight one-part alkali-activated slag concrete in sulfate environment, 2020.

88- Ehsan Nosoohi, Experimental study on creep of lightweight one-part alkali-activated slag concrete, 2020.

89- Arezoo Dadkhah Tehrani, Mechanical and durability properties of one-part alkali-activated slag concrete containing recycled asphalt pavement aggregate, 2020.

90- Golnaz Sadeghian, Evaluation of Shrinkage of One-Part Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete, 2020.

91- Alireza Alibaeigi, Investigation of mechanical and durability properties of one-party alkali-activated slag Concrete pavement containing recycled asphalt pavement aggregate (RAP) 2020.

92- Mohammad Eshghi, Utilization of one-part alkali-activated slag concrete containing tire rubber and recycled asphalt aggregate in the pavement, 2020.

93- Zahra Ahmadi, Absorption of runoff contaminant using previous one-part alkali-activated slag-based concrete, 2020.

94- Nima Yazdkhasti, Investigation of mechanical properties and durability of one-part alkali-activated slag concrete pavement containing recycled glass powder, 2022.

95- Farzad Ghatreh-Samani, Utilization of one-part alkali-activated slag concrete containing recycled plastic aggregate in pavements, 2022.


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Theses Supervised | Kiachehr Behfarnia, PhD, PE


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